Part #: T4001938



With a strap-type ratchet-action mounting mechanism rather than a chain binder, these otherwise are the same as chaintype gins. With 10,000-lb. rated tensile strength, 2"-wide polyester strap comes in 44" length to fit most structures. Wide handle opening on rapid-action ratchet permits easy operation, even with rubber gloves and leather protectors. This model has a 2,000-lb. maximum rating, including load and fall-line pull. When calculating load capacities, allow 10 percent for friction in rope pulleys. Then, for example, using two double-sheave blocks, the maximum load that can be lifted would be 1,400 lb. Or, using a single sheave, the maximum lift load would be 900 lb. Gins are not intended for applications involving side pull on the hoist line or with the lift load in a tagged-out position. That is, the load line should be parallel to the gin pole.

UnitOfMeasure: EA

Product Specifications

Load Rating
2,000 lbs.