Part #: 001-00281-00



Self-contained signal transmitters (Sondes) are used to trace the path of non-metallic pipes and locate line blockages in clay, cast iron, and other non-conductive structures. It has a tone frequency of 512Hz. Emitting a signal that is detectable up to 20 feet in the air and 10 feet in cast iron, Sondes provide locators unbeatable range at a low price. Sondes save your customers time and money and increase your profits by locating the precise location and depth of a line breakage. Precisely marked blockages require less digging to expose the blockage and less time for the digger. Sondes are programmed with a single matched frequency that is detectable by all Rycom Instruments locating receivers with a matching frequency. Made of high-density PVC plastic, each sewer and pipe Sonde is designed to be highly durable. This Sonde has a 25-foot range and it uses 1 "AAA" Battery.

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Product Specifications

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For 512Hz receivers