Bucket Knuckle

Bucket Knuckle


Bucket Knuckles are a tool holding and organization bracket designed to suspend and separate tools and rigging inside a bucket. Made out of durable UHMW plastic, this device is extremely wear resistant and offers superior strength.

The Bucket Knuckle improves overall safety by allowing storage of tools inside aerial devices making them easily in reach. It fits the inside of all standard buckets/liners and hangsfrom 2 bucket hooks.


Item Variants

Qty Item # Compatible With Working Load Limit Item Weight Price
TEBK01 N/A 50 lbs. 1.3 lbs. $73.33
TEBK01-C2 2” Bucket Lip 50 lbs. 1.8 lbs. $91.73
TEBK01-C3 3” Bucket Lip 50 lbs. 1.9 lbs. $95.39