6.6 Ton Cutting Tool with 1-3/8” Jaw Opening
Part #: REC-634YC

6.6 Ton Cutting Tool with 1-3/8” Jaw Opening


Large copper cable cutting is finally made easy with the REC-634YC – just pull the trigger and 6.6 tons immediately goes to work for you. The hydraulic system now features a rapid advance for reduced cycle times. This tool is similar to the REC-630Y, but has a slightly larger jaw opening without a "keeper" guard. Its sharp blades are rated for copper and aluminum cables only, up to 800 MCM or 1.4" Al outside diameter. The open "C" type jaw is very convenient for the operator when reaching out to cut cable, as opposed to latching a cutting jaw around the cable. The jaws will accept a maximum of 800 MCM copper or aluminum cables up to 1.4." Distortion of the cable is minimal and cables can still be sleeved easily. Once the cable is severed, the cutter blades can be opened by the push of the release trigger located below the activation trigger – one finger is all that is needed to cut and release the tool. NOTE: DO NOT CUT STEEL.

  • Open Scissor Jaw for Easy Cable Insertion
  • Tested Up to 75kV
  • One Hand Operation
  • Rotational Head
  • Rapid Advance
  • Ergonomically Balanced
  • Ergonomic Pistol Grip Handle
  • Weather Resistant Housing
  • Overload Bypass Protection
  • For Copper and Aluminum Only
  • 5 Year Warranty on Tool, Battery & Charger

Kit includes: Tool, (2) Lithium-ion batteries, charger, and strap.


UnitOfMeasure: EA

Product Specifications

14.4V Li-ion (4Ah)
800 MCM Cu / 1.4" O.D. Al
120 VAC
Item Weight
9.9 lbs.