36.6KV Conductor Cover, 5’
Part #: C4060514GA

36.6KV Conductor Cover, 5’


These 36.6kV conductorcovers provide a highly versatile system of covering up a wide variety of configurations on distribution systems. The conductor covers couple with the insulator units and deadend units to cover pin-type or post-type insulator construction. Together, they virtually surround the hot parts and hardware to give lineworkers extra protection when rubber gloving or using hot sticks. Each item is fitted with an adapter for multiposition handling by Grip-All clampsticks. These covers also couple with Chance 25 kV covers, Classes 2, 3 and 4 of rubber line hose and major brands of rubber insulator hoods. All covers are bright orange in color. All are made of of highdensity polyethylene in a uniform wall thickness for excellent dielectric/puncture strength and perform well from -50˚ to 170����F. Ultra-violet stabilizers in the material help inhibit degradation as a result of atmospheric exposure. Conductor cover is 5 feet long. The cover’s V-shaped bottom edge makes it easy to install. Four indented ribs along the cover’s top edge provide an air gap between the conductor and the cover. Maximum conductor size is 666 kcmil ACSR.

UnitOfMeasure: EA

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5' Conductor Cover with Grip-All adapter