3/4 HP Single Acting Electric Hydraulic Pump
Part #: R-14EA

3/4 HP Single Acting Electric Hydraulic Pump


The R-14EA is a fully remote controlled, single acting, 10,000 psi, electric pump. The two button hand control allows the user to advance, hold, or release at any time. When 10,000 psi is reached, the pump will automatically shut off and hold until the operator pushes the release button to retract the tool. There is an auto cycle switch that allows the operator to push the advance button and the pump will automatically advance, run to 10,000 psi and release. This feature is mostly used for production crimping and cutting where the operator must have the freedom of both hands. A remote foot control pedal is optional.

NOTE: When using any of these high pressure tools, always use 10,000 psi rated nonconductive hose (NC-16 series).

UnitOfMeasure: EA