25KV Conductor Cover with 4’ Epoxiglas Handle, 5’
Part #: C4060181

25KV Conductor Cover with 4’ Epoxiglas Handle, 5’


25 kV Conductor Covers provide a highly versatile system of covering up a wide variety of configurations on distribution systems. The conductor covers mate with insulator covers to cover pin-type or post-type insulator construction and also can be used with the deadend cover. The units virtually surround the hot parts and hardware to give the linemen extra protection when rubber gloving or using hot sticks. The conductor cover will couple with major brands of rubber line hose and insulator covers of the 25kV class. Conductor covers are made of high-density polyethylene and are bright orange in color. Conductor covers are 5 feet long and are available with a Grip-All adapter for hot stick application or without adapter for rubber glove application. Also available with 4-foot Epoxiglas® handles. Maximum conductor size: 666 kcmil ACSR.

UnitOfMeasure: EA

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5' Conductor Cover with 4' Epoxiglas handle