14.4V 4.0 Amp Lithium-Ion Battery
Part #: BP-84

14.4V 4.0 Amp Lithium-Ion Battery


The BP-84 is a NEW 4.0Ah battery pack designed to replace the BP-80. A new cell pack design and circuitry make the BP-84 the most powerful battery in the Huskie line. Using state of the art circuitry to monitor and control the battery pack, it has been designed to be the most efficient battery with the longest run times that Huskie has ever offered. The LED display gives you remaining battery life in 20% increments.With a redesigned housing that has integrated cell supports as well as conformal coating on the circuit board to protect against corrosion caused from damp environment, the BP-84 is a more robust battery pack than ever before. The BP-84 can be charged with any of the Huskie Lithium Ion chargers including the CH-80, CH-90 & CH-94.

  • High Capacity 4.0Ah Battery Pack
  • 50% Longer Run Time as Compared to NiCad
  • No Memory Effect
  • Lightweight Battery Pack
  • Impact Resistant Housing
  • Performance is Minimally Affected by Extreme Temperatures
  • Minimal Self-Discharge
  • Non-Hazardous Chemistry and Environmentally Safe
  • Recyclable with the RBRC Recycling Program
  • 5 Year Warranty
UnitOfMeasure: EA

Product Specifications

Item Description
14.4 Volt Lithium-ion (4.0Ah)